Starting a new business is challenging. You can’t know everything. SBSUG has three authors because each author has a different area of expertise regarding startup small businesses. Collectively, we bring our industries, business coaching, branding/marketing, and tax/law knowledge together to provide what you need to know from each of these areas to kick-start your idea.

braden drake braden drake law small business start up guide

Braden Drake

michelle wintersteen mkw graphics small business start up guide

Michelle Wintersteen

Launching a successful business requires knowledge from many fields. No one has the time to be experts in every area. Each person involved in writing this guide was chosen for two reasons. First, the authors are experts in their areas – I trust them to personally advise and guide me. Secondly, the contributors have experience running small businesses. We not only advise small business owners, but have also gone through the steps of launching our own businesses. We understand your needs and the challenges involved in taking the leap to entrepreneurship. We have found that leap to be a rewarding one and we hope you will as well.

To piggyback on Braden’s comments, we have been there and done that, wishing we had a guide to help us out along the way. Even while reviewing the book, I have found information I wish I had known from the very beginning – from choosing a legal entity to naming design files. We truly love working with small businesses and helping each other. As we fit planning, writing, editing, and designing this guide into our free time, it has been a pure joy bringing ideas together and sharing our knowledge throughout our business creation phase. Thank you Braden and Michelle for trusting me and sharing this experience.

Coming from three generation of female-owned small businesses, you could say that entrepreneurship runs in my blood. As a Visual Arts and Art History double major, I love blending art, travel, history and culture with business goals to ensure that a small business crafts a lasting brand identity. I believe in creating designs that are unique but functional, appealing to a small biz’s ideal client while representing products and services that resonate with communities. Writing this Start Up Guide with Lauren and Braden has got be so excited for the opportunities ahead of small business owners, especially with our help and guidance at their fingertips!