Lights, Camera, ACTION! What to know about IGTV + Small Biz Brainstorm

June 20th, 2018 Instagram launched what it calls IGTV. As we've highlighted in Phase 3 and Phase 5 of the Small Biz Start Up Guide, social media marketing can play a huge role in your biz's visibility, and can be a powerful tool for community building. Here's all you need to know about IGTV and how you might be able to leverage it for your small business marketing needs!


What is IGTV?

IGTV is "new app for watching long-form, vertical video". You'll also be able to watch directly from the Instagram App, similar to watching Instagram stories. 

IGTV is different from other video platforms like Facebook or Youtube in that it is optimized for mobile view. This means that the screen you watch will be vertical instead of horizontal, specifically 9:16 aspect ratio (same as Instagram stories).

The IGTV App will populate with videos from the accounts you already follow, but will also show you suggested videos, Popular, and a Continue Watching tab to pick up where you left off. To see the next video, simply swipe to the right. 

IGTV for Small Businesses

Who uses IGTV?

Technically, everyone! But, as a small business owner, you can start to curate content to your IGTV. Videos can be up to "10 minutes long for most accounts and up to an hour for larger accounts." 

If you're going to be creating content for IGTV, be sure that it matches your demographic. Although teens and young adults (18-24) are the largest consumers of Instagram video, the demographics are shifting rapidly to engage with a much wider audience.

As we discuss in the Small Biz Start Up Guide, it's estimated that quality video will be a big component in Small Biz Marketing in the years to come. Much better to hop on the bandwagon now, and get out in front of your competitors by starting your library of great video content asap.


What should I put on my IGTV channel?

We suggest starting a good old fashioned brainstorm on the kinds of topics you'll cover on your IGTV channel. No matter what, the videos you make should be consistent with your branding, serve your audience in some way, and always end with a call to action. Below is a list of subjects you could create IGTV videos around!

Another idea would be to check your website analytics. What pages, blogs and other content are visitors coming to your site for the most? Use this as a springboard to creating IGTV content.

Extra Credit: 

Bump up your IGTV game by including graphics, animations, B Roll footage, GoPro or even Drone footage. This may mean reaching out to some fellow creatives in your area. Instagram is a great way to see someone's working portfolio, or go to your local community college or university's film, photography and marketing departments and see if there is a student looking to gain experience in the field.



  • Your Small Biz Sizzle Real
    This is a video that explains who you are, what you do, who you serve and how you serve them
  • Client Success Stories
    nterview a client or client(s) about what it was like to work with you
  • Project Case Studies
    Walk your audience through a recent project starting with the problem, how you addressed the problem, what steps you took to get there and the final result
  • Illustrate your Services
    What does the ____ Service include? What's the process involved?
  • Industry Specific trends and Updates - Become a forecaster! What do you see happening in your industry? What are the biggest changes that your audience needs to know about your field? 
  • Behind the Scenes/Day in the Life
    Create a vlog style video that shows what you do in a day to give your audience a better sense of how you run your biz the way that you do



  • Your Small Biz Sizzle Real
    This is a video that explains who you are, what you do, who you serve and how you serve them
  • Product Highlight
    Explain the products you have in greater detail. Demonstrate what they are used for, how they are used, how they are made and where to get them
  • Meet the Makers
    Show your audience who is making the product you're selling, where it comes from, what ingredients or materials are selected, and why you chose to go with that maker/producer
  • How we Started
    If you're selling a product, it probably came out of a necessity you or someone you know expressed. Tell the story of how you got started, and how you got to where you are now
  • Showcase your Community
    For example, if you're a fashion/lifestyle brand, showcase how your influencers or community use/wear/live in your product. Tell a story so that your ideal customer can see themselves in their shoes.


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