Small Biz Spotlight: EUstress Fitness

All three of us Small Biz Start Up Guide authors agree that small businesses are the future. We think that our blog is a great place to showcase successful small business owners, and ask them some questions about how they got to where they are today! 

Without further ado, meet Bethany Shuppert of EUstress Fitness. We got to ask Bethany some questions about how, when, and why she started her small biz! Here are her answers! 



Bethany Shuppert, small business owner, EUstress Fitness

Bethany Shuppert

Small biz

EUstress Fitness

Mission Statement: 

The EUstress Fitness Mission is to transform the way people think about and approach their health and fitness by building sustainable fitness and nutrition habits based on individual goals with professional coaching, education, community and accountability.

Small Biz Owner: 

Bethany Shuppert




When did you start EUstress Fitness?

September 2015


Have you always wanted to be a Small Biz Owner? 

No, but I am glad it happened and I am now!


What is your background in? Past jobs?

What experiences did you have that encouraged you to go out on your own?

I've been a personal training director, nutrition consultant, now gym owner, also I have a background in Kinesiology.

MY clients convinced me to go out on my own. I had the passion and drive to want to help them more than I could in a large gym setting. I didn't like not being able to provide my clients with everything they needed within that large gym setting.


What are some of the biggest small biz lessons you've learned along the way?

Have a plan, but remember things will never always go as planned. You just have to start and not wait until its perfect. Perfecting will come over a period of time and if you wait until its perfect, it may never happen.

One of my absolute favorite things I have learned is, to under promise and over deliver!
— Bethany Shuppert, Eustress Fitness

What's something you wish all small biz owners knew?

I have been in business 3 years and I have always heard the saying, " time is money", but never truly understood it or applied it to myself. When we start a business a lot of times we do not have ourselves enough credit. You are worth it and what you charge. Now I have realized how valuable my time is. Maximize your time and don't just give away services or produce to get more clients. When you build a dependable brand people will come and you wont cheapen your brand as well.


Is there an aspect of your small biz that you think you do particularly well?

I think I excel in working with my clients and marketing my business.

Is there an aspect of your small biz that you wish you were better at?

I definitively have room to get better at finances.


What makes your small biz unique?

What values do you bring to your client/customer that your competitors might not?

We customize our plans for every individual client based on their specific needs. We have also cultivated an extremely close-knit community of like minded individuals who continually support and motivate each other.

Where do you see your industry going in the next 3 to 5 years?:

I would like to see growth in a lot of areas especially in-person connections and providing online opportunities for my clients.


Let's connect! Where can we find EUstress Fitness on social media?:


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