Small Biz Spotlight: PostingBee

All three of us Small Biz Start Up Guide authors agree that small businesses are the future. We think that our blog is a great place to showcase successful small business owners, and ask them some questions about how they got to where they are today! 

Without further ado, meet Adriana Giorgetti of PostingBee LLC. We got to ask Adrianna some questions about how, when, and why she started her small biz! Here are her answers! 


Adriana Giorgetti, Small Business Owner, PostingBee

Adriana Giorgetti


Small biz


Small Biz Owner: 

Adriana Giorgetti


Mission Statement: 

We are a small team dedicated to our clients' companies, always conscious of their budgets, time frames, and most importantly, applying a marketing strategy that fits our their unique needs. Also, our services are all available in Portuguese as well.

When did you start your small biz?


Have you always wanted to be a Small Biz Owner? 

Actually, no. I've never felt I had that little something every business owner has in them, the entrepreneurship, the adventurous spirit. So when I became one, I thought to myself "oh, now I get it" and that feels good!

What is your background in? Past jobs?

What experiences did you have that encouraged you to go out on your own?

I am from Brazil and there I worked in international companies for a big chunk of my career, working in Supply Chain, Marketing and Purchasing. Then after moving to the States and having two kids, I decided to stay at home with them while they were young, a decision I'll never regret. Once I went back to the market, I rediscovered my love for digital marketing and I decided to create my own agency: small, open to learn, and more importantly, able to work with small businesses/small budgets.

What are some of the biggest small biz lessons you've learned along the way?

Patience. Contrary to working full time and having a guaranteed salary in the end of the month, you will work longer hours and not always get paid. Adjust your expenses for those months with no clients in sight!

What's something you wish all small biz owners knew?

You will make a lot of mistakes. You will say "yes" to a request and have to learn how to do it as you go. You will cry after having that proposal that took you days to get ready, declined. You will see friends become distant, family members ask why you keep doing this, and you will struggle with your decisions. But you will also love every minute of it.


Is there an aspect of your small biz that you think you do particularly well?

Probably being able to function under pressure.

I function well under pressure.
— Adriana Giorgetti

Is there an aspect of your small biz that you wish you were better at?

Sales. I could do a better job at business pitching.

What makes your small biz unique?

What values do you bring to your client/customer that your competitors might not?

Other than being able to communicate in two languages, I am always available. I will meet you for an important meeting and I will help you cleaning up your shelves before customers come in. And I honestly care when they struggle, I can't help but listen and try to help somehow.

Where do you see your industry going in the next 3 to 5 years?:

I will have to add people to my team asap; my intention is to expand my services internationally, and also work with the Brazilian market here in the States.


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