I am SO thankful for the Small Biz Start Up Guide! Braden, Lauren and Michelle made the overwhelming logistics and legalities of starting a business feel manageable and exciting. This is an easy (but very thorough) read, filled with step-by-step guidance on everything from business planning and filing, to marketing and hiring. This guide answered both the questions I had weighing on me daily AND the questions I didn't even know to ask. I would recommend this to all potential and current small business owners!

- Jamie Englehardt


Wow. From Vision to Launch - this step-by-step guide takes you through opening your business... well, step by step. If you follow this guide, you'll have all your bases covered and more.

I already launched my own business 2 years ago and could only wish for this guide back then - despite living and "businessing" in Germany, this guide would have helped me with so many things that I've either had to painfully and slowly figure out or have never even gotten around to, yet. I definitely will now, though.

Got some catching up to do, and this guide may just be my ticket to getting it done. So excited!

- Pia Newman


The Small Biz Start Up Guide offered the answers to all my questions! It was very well organized and easy to follow. I read over the whole guide and it took little time. Once I read through, I went back to specific areas I needed to focus on to help me make improvements to my current systems…I would recommend Start Up Biz Guide to anyone starting a brand new business, those who may already have a small business and could use more guidance and professionals in their corner, and those who need an easy way to keep track of the basics and the important things, we on the business side, may forget about. All three writers have professional backgrounds and expertise and I would highly recommend working with them to get your small business growing!

- Bethany Shuppert, Owner of EUstress Fitness


Where was this when I started Mod.Merchant?!?! Instead I spent countless hours online trying to figure everything out myself!

This guide is awesome! The authors did a great job of covering all the important details of starting a business in an easy to understand guide complete with checklists to keep you on track. It's a fantastic resource for you as your launch your business!

- Sarah Ferrence, Owner of Mod.Merchant